Real change, a response to social movements.

I’d like to make one thing very clear on the beginning of this post. This is not to try to be a contrarian. Going against the grain for the sake, or because I dislike people that fight for social justice. If that what has been your calling to life that you feel you can help change. As a person with similar convictions. I can completely get where you are coming from when trying to right wrongs of a foregone era. I’m only offering a differing path that might give you something to look forward to actually being able to effect. Instead of hoping that politicians do their job for you.

Let’s start off with the most obvious point of this. Is yes, I am a white male, I do come from a middle class background, I do experience privileged life of living pretty cheaply in a small town off of my friends help and others. As well, as know that certain aspects and stuff I play into give me certain benefits of nothing but upbringing.


However, the thing that I love about what is lost when you judge people based on their upbringing is you don’t get to see their perspective. I never fit in with my peers. Social awkwardness of over exuding confidence struck down, by a peer group that saw my energy as off putting. A healthy dose of self doubt setting in and bullying didn’t help my way. However, because of the way mine and so many high schools work. The clique’s form and you become friends with others. Friends that certainly aren’t always on the socioeconomic level you are. Due to none other than the people you are born to. However, you slowly realize that the humbleness that brings is a virtue not a hindrance.

I’ve learned so much of stories from others, which is why I try not to push for social change. Until, of course the matters at hand are fixed and situated. Which is getting money in their pockets. As that’s what helps people gain stability in their life. Is a home, being educated, while being able to support them self. Not through government intervention but because they will be able to start their own business and fund and flourish in the community of the nation. While the cities take a step back and let the people do what they shouldn’t have. Which is intervene to let corporations take up land for tax breaks and otherwise.


My issue is that social change is too easy to subvert. It’s too easy to manipulate to being political fights. I’ve said this a few times to my friend that I’m happy to have a real discussion with. It’s easier to defend against a working class that has a divided interest because of social issues. While letting the ruling class which is anyone who is complicit a word MLK used, to let them get away with what they are doing. Which is any race or nationality not just the perceived oppressors.

The issue to me is that all the isms that we want to bring up into society. Do nothing but divide us. If we could convince the old middle class man.(My father) That he is losing money and our society to the pursuit of the dollar. That if he pushed for a real economic change that was built on small businesses and money going out to individuals that would mean more money in his pocket as more people could buy his merchandise.


This is enacted in multiple ways. First the R&D budget of the military at the moment, is 156.8 Billion dollars. Let’s cut that in to a third cutting out many of our government contracts with many of these individuals that buy them and then immediately turn into a defense first nation such as Japan before the turn of the century. Keep our massive size, however, stop building and building for the sake of funding the economy which is the real reason.

So 26 billion for military research, still a massive amount. However, we then put the rest of that money into soldier pay and other parts of our government. This can also lead to slashing the deficit. Health care can be funded, by shutting down many of our social security and other programs. As while it was enacted for the right reasons. It wouldn’t be necessary if health care and otherwise are paid for using the same amounts of money on the paycheck. Plus we will be a more well educated group in the first place leading to stronger communities.


Here we get a bit more controversial. Legalize drug using clinics. Set limits on certain drugs, and have them be pretty lock down as far as their use outside. I still want a large regulatory state over our capitalist ventures in this more hands off society over the people.

The whole point being a left libertarian society. I trust individuals to do what they need to do to survive while not bothering others. What I don’t agree with is collectives having too much power because you joined forces with another human. You should have some power in deciding things when you are in a group. However, they need to be reasoned and loyal to the country over your perceived group. Just like a separation of church and state. We need a new clause in the constitution. A separation of bias and power. You do this through anti-corruption, and real locking down of the businesses but freedom for the individual.


I know you have said that economic justice is social justice, which we agree on. We just disagree on the routes to get there. I think when we priorities identity over the individual’s merit we are doing them a disservice and individuals that perpetrate identity discrimination are just buying into the game already set by the powers at be.

My style is a bit of rambling over ideas that flow into the head, so sorry if this is a bit dis jumbled. However, I would like to discuss this more with you.



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